Privacy Policy

Being in service industry, we at Cash Loans Sameday take great efforts to keep our customers satisfied. We know that customers are apprehensive of their personal information that they provide us.

We like to inform you that we have framed our privacy policy is in line with global standards of information handling. It fully conforms to the Data Protection Act, 1998.

Read on to educate yourself of our privacy policy.

Personal information

We collect your personal information only when you apply for 500 fast cash or 24 hour payday loans or for any other loan. If you only visit our site, we don't prompt you to share your personal information.

We use your personal information to confirm your identity and understand your needs and repaying capability. Accordingly, we find out a potential lender for you to get the loan you are looking for.

Information sharing

Your information is shared only with the selected lenders to get you the loan you need. No other party gets access to your information in any case.

However, we might share your information with legal professionals if a legal arises sometime. However, we have not faced such situation till date.

Security and confidentiality

Our system is highly secured system. Out IT experts maintain our site 24X7. All the devices and software used are of latest versions. Till date, out site has never been hacked.

We keep your information till the time you get loan. After that we delete all the information.

We store cookies too on your computer to provide your better user experience.

Read our cookie policy here.

Links to external sites

You will find a few links on our website. They are provided to access other valuable services provided by other parties. We must clarify that they are separate companies and we have nothing to do with their services.

Moreover, they are governed by their own privacy policy. Out privacy policy is not applicable to them. If you want to use their services or products, you can do that on your own risk and responsibilities.

Changes in privacy policy

Since the Internet environment is dynamic, we can make changes in our privacy policy for better protection of your data and to lessen our risk as a service provider. Any changes made and uploaded on the site are effective on real-time basis.

You are strongly advised to read out privacy policy every time you use our services. By accessing our site and using our services, you express that you have read, understood and accepted the privacy policy in full.

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