What is your business actually?

Cash Loans Sameday is a loan matching service provider. You can apply for a loan through us whenever you need financial assistance. We have many lenders on our panel. We can get you a loan as per your needs and capability.

What is the maximum amount of loan?

We offer small amount loans only. You can expect a few hundred to a thousand pounds or so through us.

How do I know that I qualify for your loans?

If you are a permanent citizen and not less than 18 years of age and have a job and bank account joint with a debit card and check book.

How can I apply for loan?

You can apply online for our loans. Go to our website and fill in the application form there. We will process your application immediately.

How much time you take forprocessing of application?

Application processing is completed in a few hours. You get the loan in a few hours only.

How much time you can allow for repayment?

We offer loans for short periods only. You can get 500 fast cash loans and 24 hour payday loans for a month or so.

Do you allow deferment of payment, if I am not able to pay on the due date?

For a few loans, we do allow deferment of payment on paying only interest. You can avail this facility only three times in a row.

What information you need for loan application?

We need to know your name, address, date of birth, bank account number, contact and job details and the amount of loan.

How do you use the information you collect from us?

We use your information to confirm your identity and evaluate your repaying capability to determine your loan approval amount.

When can I apply for the loan?

We are open all the time. You can apply anytime.

Why should I apply through you?

To apply directly, you have to search a lot to find out a potential lender and suitable loan whereas we maintain a wide network of lenders who offer various kinds of loans. when you apply through us, we find out a potential lender and suitable loan in a few minutes. Since we give the lender regular borrowers, they give good offer to our customer.

Do you give loans to bad credit people too?

Yes, we do have a few lenders who provide loans to poor credit borrowers.

What other charges are there for applying for loans?

We don't have hidden charges. You can use our services for free.

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